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Gonzolinks.com 2257 and copyright information

Gonzolinks.com uses information, images, and promotional materials provided by various adult websites to promote and review their sites. Those sites maintain 2257 (or similar) records as required by law. The jurisdiction under which Gonzolinks.com is published does not have such a law in place, only the requirement that we have made a good faith effort to assure that the models on the site are over 18. On the basis of the sponsoring sites having 2257 information on their models, we conclude that we have met this standard.

Gonzolinks.com does not knowingly link to illegal material or illegal websites.

Gonzolinks.com does not knowingly violate copyright or publicity rights, and we respect those rights to the limits that the law permits. To that end, we will always treat copyright violation notices with due speed. We can be reached by registered mail for such cases at the address in the site's whois, at the time of your complaint.

Please note that this website is not published in the US, and as such, we are not directly subject to US laws such as DMCA. While we respect copyright notices received, we are not bound to the process as defined in the DMCA laws. The site owners and operators will do their best to resolve any copyright issue when proper notice is received. A proper notice would include the exact page URL(s) in question, the actual scope of the content in question, details of your ownership claims on that content, and details of where we can find it in actual use or registered as copyright.

Further, this website does believe in the principals of fair use. As a review and informational site, we operate under the same rules and concepts that would apply to newspapers, magazines, or other publishing undertakings.

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