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This website collections information on every visit to the site, as part of standard logging operations. We collect information such as IP address, browser used, language, and other standard items which are shared as part of the http connection. is not a membership site, and as such, we do not require any credit card information or personally identifiable information from you. We do not collect, store, or share such information. sometimes contracts advertising space to third party vendors. In doing so, the browser technology may allow those third parties to independantly collect information on your visit to our site. We do not have control over that information, and the collection of it is subject to the terms and privacy policy of those third party advertising companies. may send a cookie to store information about your visit and preferences on the site on your computer. This is not a requirement of accessing the site, and you may choose to remove any cookies related to our site without punishment, except perhaps in the loss of any preferences or settings that might have been made during your visit. does not require any software downloads, and will not install any applications on your computer.

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